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Mozambique official extension - Buy your domain name and strengthen your brand identity. The MZ domain is the perfect solution for those who want to associate their project with Mozambican culture, helping to locate the project at an international level.

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Turbohost is a provider of MZ domain registration services, guaranteeing agility and total control in the management of your domain! All this at the best price on the market.

Why register a MZ domain?

The MZ domain is preferred by Mozambicans when searching. A MZ domain reinforces national identity, credibility and other benefits for Mozambican projects and companies such as:

The MZ domain reinforces your brand identity

A MZ domain is easily identified as being Mozambican. What reassures your visitors or customers, creating more proximity between your services offered and the country of residence. This is a significant advantage for purchases made online through national search engines. Anyone looking for a product or service will more easily visit a domain ending in MZ.

Improves positioning in national search results.

In addition to providing a better experience for the user who is accessing your company's website through the MZ domain, it is a priority when searching through the internet.

How to choose a perfect MZ domain at TurboHost

In addition to providing a better experience for the user who is accessing your company's website through the MZ domain, it is a priority when searching for browsers.

  • Your domain name needs to be memorable. Use original names or catchphrases to make your domain name stand out.
  • Choose the MZ domain extension to reinforce your brand identity.
  • Use our search tool to check domain availability.
  • Found your domain? Don't waste time, register before the best options run out.
  • Check out the MZ domain extensions available!
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We offer several available options of MZ domains.

We have several options for MZ domains. Check them all out and see which one suits you.

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  • - Aimed at commercial activities, can be used in any sector
  • - Aimed at commercial activities
  • - Aimed at non-profit organizations
  • - Academic institutions
  • - Colleges and schools

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Our experts are available 24/7 via customer service, live chat and over the phone when you need help. If you need help with server assistance, domain registration, domain and website transfer, hosting related questions, control panel guidance, we are here to help!

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Centralized Control

Manage your domain names or transfers, web hosting accounts and email easily from within your account with us.

Free DNS Management

Easily configure your domain from within your account, change your nameservers, set up custom IP addresses and forwarding.

Transfer Lock

Once you've found your perfect domain, we help you lock it down to prevent unauthorized transfers.

Competitive price

We provide registration for all domains at low prices, so you can register your domain and get your projects up and running quickly.

Automatic renewal

We know that unexpected things happen, don't let it affect your domain. Activate automatic renewal and rest assured.

Privacy protection

Make a private registration if you want to prevent your data (email, name) from being displayed in WHOIS

Do domain research and secure the right domain for your idea.

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MZ domain registration: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Everything you need to know about national domain registration.

Because it is popular, MZ domain registration increases the credibility of your website. And it's easier to memorize.

To register a MZ domain, simply search for the domain name you want and follow the step-by-step instructions. The MZ domain registration is free.

TurboHost provides a control panel, where you can manage all aspects of your domain at no additional cost. It is also more convenient to place your domain and hosting for your website.

Yes, you need both, because the domain is your address that helps visitors access your website, and the web hosting stores content of your website on internet servers.

Check with your current provider to confirm your domain is unlocked and find your EPP transfer code. Return to our website, enter the domain you wish to transfer and follow the step-by-step instructions. The MZ domain transfer is free.
To start the transfer process, follow the

Domain MZ is available to any person, organization or company. It is only necessary to provide basic contact information (eg: email address) for billing questions.

The minimum period of validity for registering a MZ domain is one year. However, you can register your domain for a period of up to 10 years.

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