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vcpu Memory CPU Power Storage Bandwidth Price
1 1GB 3.6GHz1 core 20GB 1000GB

726,74 MT/month *Save 16.67% on annual plans

1 2GB 3.6GHz1 core 40GB 1TB

1.453,49 MT/month *Save 16.67% on annual plans

2 4GB 7.2GHz2 core 80GB 2TB

2.906,97 MT/month *Save 16.67% on annual plans

4 8GB 14.4GHz4 core 160GB 2TB

5.813,94 MT/month *Save 16.67% on annual plans

8 12GB 28.8GHz8 core 240GB 4TB

11.627,88 MT/month *Save 16.67% on annual plans


Servers Ready for performance and Ease

All virtual servers come with an industry-leading set of features and services.

SSD Disk Drives SSD

Based storage disks provide maximum I/O to your server, ensuring fast and responsive services.

Instant Provisioning

All servers are available in minutes.

Dedicated IP

VPS hosting servers run on isolated virtual instances. So, you will have full control of all features and limits. With dedicated IP included!


VPS Server hosting has instant activation so you can start working in no time!

Available platforms

Get immediate access to the server with one of the most popular operating systems installed by default, we also provide ready-made applications to further streamline the process.

ubuntu os

Frequently Asked Questions About VPS Servers

Get Your Questions About VPS Servers

A VPS Server gives you root access to you server, dedicated resources and an isolated hosting environments. Therefore aren't other sites sharing your resources.

You will be able to fully control and manage the resources of the cloud server with full super-user (also known as root) access and without limits. All resources are dedicated to you and you alone.

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